Overview of the Rising Megaways in Buffalo: All the Action

What is the one thing about playing slots that can wear a person down? How about slowly (or suddenly) losing your composure as you spin indefinitely in the hopes of triggering a bonus round that refuses to budge? Over time these things can even out, but a protracted run of base game spinning without the suggestion of a scatter can grow monotonous. This is a first world problem that can be avoided by using the bonus buy option to skip straight to the good parts. However, they too have drawbacks, such as limited availability or prohibitive costs. Buffalo Rising Megaways All Action is Blueprint Gaming’s ingenious solution to the problem of how to provide players access to a slot machine’s most thrilling features without forcing them to empty their bank accounts.

Released in the latter half of 2019, the All Action version is a reimagining of the hit Buffalo Rising Megaways slot. The original is a fantastic slot machine in its own right, with a theme centered on the prairies and wildlife of North America. If you are familiar with the original, you will feel right at home with this update. It’s not so much what has been added to the remake as what has been taken away that makes a difference. Blueprint has made the game into a high-stakes slot machine, hence the ‘All Action’ moniker.

The Megaways engine and all of the associated icons and characters have been restored. Despite the fact that there are many similarities, the gameplay is noticeably different. Players must select a stake before they may enter the game and begin playing. The maximum bet on the classic slot machine was €/$10 per spin. Bets here start at that amount and go up from there. This time around, maximum wagers of €1,000 (around $1,100) will be available, which will please high rollers. Choose a wager within your financial means, then settle back and watch the show.

In a word, in the original Buffalo Rising Megaways slot, a wager buys a batch of Buffalo Spins, which functions similarly to a free spins round. The round comes with an unlimited multiplier and operates utilizing the regular Megaways cascade feature. With this method, winning combos are eliminated from the reels and fresh symbols fall into the empty spaces. The possibility of consecutive victories from a single spin is therefore created. It also refers to a layout in which there are seven total reels, six vertical ones and one horizontal one. When all 117,649 possible symbols are placed on the reels, the maximum number of win ways is reached. Even if the game essentially lets you pick your own volatility, the RTP has grown to 97.01% alongside the major rule adjustments.

Megaways slots use a cascade win feature, so the payouts for individual symbols can add up quickly. Due to the way Buffalo Rising Megaways All Action operates with an unlimited multiplier always active, symbol values are significantly lower than that. Six low and four high symbols make up the 10 usual pay symbols. Pay scales start with 9-A royals and progress upwards through a moose, coyote, bear, and buffalo for the highest payouts. When compared to the other games, the buffalo requires only two of a kind to pay out. We’ll illustrate the payout structure with the lowest possible bet size of 10 credits. Three nines are worth 1p/c and six buffalos are worth $5 in this tier. It may not seem like much at first, but the way the rules work, the victories may really pile up. A wild card, which can stand in for any symbol other than the scatter, can greatly increase a player’s chances of winning. In addition, there are Mystery Symbols that, when landing, change into regular symbols that can be anything but the scatter.

Rising Buffalo Megaways The Works: Functions

A total of four alternatives, ranging in volatility, are made available to participants after the wager has been placed. Here are your available choices:

You get 15 Buffalo Spins with an initial multiplier of x1 (minimum wager).

You get 10 Buffalo Spins with an initial multiplier of x5 (average risk).

There are 5 Buffalo Spins with a high risk multiplier of x10.

The Mystery Option is the fourth potential outcome. Here, gamers pick a slot machine assortment and a multiplier at random. The settings above determine the outcome, which may be, for example, 15 spins with a multiplier of x10. It’s also possible to get 5 free spins with a multiplier of 1. It is the whole luck of the draw.

Each successive cascade during the round raises the multiplier by 1. If you get 3 or 4 of the diamond scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll be awarded with 5 or 10 extra spins, accordingly. They’re worth their weight in gold if they can extend the length of the game by half again.

Once the spins have been used, the game is finished for good; you cannot return to the original game. To begin over, players must place a new wager and select an initial number of spins.

Judgment for the Rising Buffalo Megaways All Action

Rising Buffalo Megaways All Action is a slot machine with a lot of originality and intelligence, and its features will likely win over a lot of punters. The entry fee of 10 credits may appear costly at first. Then again, how easy is it to burn through that amount without triggering the bonus feature? Both having a basic game and doing what Blueprint has done, which is to remove it, have their pros and cons. It’s true that games are now shorter but far more tense. In addition, this strategy may end up costing less than simply throwing on a bunch of automatic spins and crossing our fingers. Or it might not, and a lot of people will be unwilling to risk a sizable sum to get in. It’s not the best way to stretch a budget, but that’s not why you play. Many players, especially high rollers, may enjoy placing a sizable wager in order to access what is essentially a bonus round.

To some, this may appear like a transparent attempt to sidestep the new rules and the UK feature purchase prohibition, but others may see little difference between this and placing huge bets on Roulette. In any event, our mission is not to pronounce judgement whether huge bet slots are right or incorrect, we’ll leave that aspect to our readers.

The game itself was a lot of fun, especially with the altered rules. There were no boring stretches of the base game, and each round had its share of tense moments. The perspective of several authorities on the value of this game is intriguing. Not everyone will like this format until that point is discussed, but those who do will embrace it wholeheartedly.

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